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"Websites are a Virtual Windows to your Business"

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"What do I want from a website?"

Conveniences over Value


Value over Conveniences


What’s important to us and our clients is that they are involved in the creation of the website.  After all it’s yours and it is your Virtual Window to your Business.  As past clients have learned, website evolve over time and never are static.  We live in an every changing world so websites have to change to meet these new and challenging expectation demanded by those searching for your services or products.  That why SEO is so important.





Search Engine Optimization

How people find your website when doing a search.

The main Search Engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is a never-ending process because Search Engines standards keep changing.  It takes time for a website to be "crawled" (found) by the search engines so don't expect to get top listings right away.



 All Aenigma websites are responsive!


Responsive design means that a website functions on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. With 232 possible screen sizes in 2017, we will make sure your website looks great on all of them.  It is definitely not something that websites can afford to skimp on. This ensures that your visitors experience your website smoothly and efficiently.  It also increasing the potential for reoccurring customers. 


 Post automatically to all you Social Media pages

 Wouldn't it be nice that when you write a post from your website that it would automatically posts to all your Social Media pages, well it can be done and we can do that for you!



How  a website should be built

Animated Graphic Art


Free-Website-Platforms or All-In-One Drop & Drag Platforms (AIOddP): Pros & Cons

Pro: Cheaper maybe or maybe not, Short learning curve, Easy to use

Con:  Websites built on free/AIOddP tools often lack a unique identity because free/AIOddP templates usually allow a limited amount of customization. They can get costly with hidden fees and recurring fees not disclosed up front.  Also, free/AIOddP website platforms are proprietary and usually not transferable to other hosting companies.  So, once you go with them you are stuck with them unless you are willing to build a new website.  Websites using those tools may have no brand identity or may have trouble attracting traffic. When it comes to website cost, cheaper isn’t always better.

What do you want?

Conveniences over Value


Value over Conveniences



Since 2001 Aenigma has specialized in Website Design, Social Media, Blogs, Forums, Graphic Design, SEO, Hosting/Registration and much more. If you need a website for business or personal use, a CMS, an eCommerce or just a simple website, Aenigma can design the perfect one for you. 


 Hosting & Registration You Can Trust

C Net logo10-Year CNET Certified

Outstanding service, secure website transactions, and best business practices. We’ve been a top-rated CNET Hosting company 10 years running.

 BBB Torch BLUE LOGO 150x200   A+ Rating

Our A+ service rating is the highest given by the Better Business Bureau, a consumer protection agency that reviews the integrity and performance of businesses in the US and Canada.

We host your website on one of our privately owned servers which provides you with fast and reliable service.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We can design a look that perpetuate your persona. Pictures are worth a thousand word, Aenigma can provide photography, image manipulation and stock images.

Social Media & Inbound Marketing

Social Media & Inbound Marketing

We show you how modern websites work with social media and "inbound marketing". The cost to you is far less than traditional "push marketing".

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What we can do for you

What we can do for you

Maintain your Internet Presence. SEO-Social Media-Emails-Content-Graphics-Integration.

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camera-canon-eos-70d__hf-g30_bg_2_camera_web Two Different LooksPhotography, Videography & Editing by Professionals

Pictures pulled from the Web are protected and you could pay big buck if you are using them without the proper licensing.  We can provide the expertise to create your own pictures or videos, it’s much cheaper than paying the fines if you are using illegal images/video.

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