Aenigma started in 1985 as a hobby

It turned into a business in 1987

Aenigma Inc. has survived and grown in the ever-changing digital world.

We witnessed its growth from its infancy in the 1980s to what it is today, what an incredible journey.


Our History

Our beginning goes back to 1985 when playing with computers was reserved only for nerds. It matured into a business in 1987 due mainly to our love for the digital world and the excitement of bringing it to others. Today, making sure our customers experience that same excitement is paramount to us. We grew up in the digital world, from the beginning of desktop computers with 'no hard drives' to today's mobile society.  Knowing the idiosyncrasy of the digital world from its inception put us ahead of our competition. We pride ourselves on educating our employees so they can stay on top of a constantly changing business environment and keep abreast of the technical nuances we all experience in today’s digital world. Our growth is due to our commitment:

“Customer service comes first in all that we do”.



Aenigma Inc. is a company that prides itself on exceptional service and proficiency. We provide a wide range of services both in hardware and software installation and troubleshooting. Businesses that need fast and effective service to solve problems and maintain continuity in their computer and communication systems call on Aenigma Inc. We provide “Harmonious Technology” that allows you to do what you do best, make money, work effectively or just have fun communicating with co-workers, friends & family. 

“Harmonious Technology”

Websites Plus

If you need a website for business, a CMS, an eCommerce or just a simple website, we can design the perfect one for you. We offer blog, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), hosting and registration services and more. We host your site on one of our privately owned servers so you get fast and reliable service. This means less downtime or slow website response that no one likes, especially your customers.

"We do it the right way"